TRAINING 2015: 20 to 26 July

Hi folks!

It’s competition week again and that’s means taking training easy.
I was again without a plan, just letting my body go.
Moreover, it was a crazy deadline week at the office, so much of the sessions were oriented to switch off rather with the purpose of pure training.

I’ve to say that I’m since last weeks not keening at all in competing. I said in previous posts, maybe I’m starting being repetitive, but it’s true that I’m enjoying training and being free of a schedule and thinking in to suit up the triathlon garment is getting hard. I’m not registering to any other competition so far, just finishing the Herzoman and Erlangen and then let’s see what’s coming next.

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [22k] + Bike [22k]
Tuesday: Bike [22k] + Run [8k]
Wednesday: Swim [ 2.000m]
Thursday: Brick: (Bike [10k] + Run [2,5k] + Bike [5k] + Run [1,5k]) + Bike [22k]
Friday: Swim [1.500m]
Saturday: Run [5k]
SundayHerzoMan – 1h4’53” – 4th AG, 14th Overall
TOTAL: Sw [4k] + Bi [125k] + Ru [22k]

Dani Juan


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