HERZOMAN 2015 – Sum up

Hi folks!

Last Sunday I was eventually racing the Puma Herzoman in Herzogenaurach.
This is a special race due to is sponsor by Puma, but usually won by Adidas =)
Just a brief heads up, this small town of Franconia has around 22k inhabitants but host a big historically rivalry: Adidas HQ and Puma HQ, created by the Dassler brothers some years before the 50’s. So definitely, you can breath sport history in the atmosphere.

From my side, as I said I was not keening at all in competing. I’m mentally tired of competing this season and I’d rather go for weekends in the lake, traveling or doing my training without a goal but to enjoy.
Anyway, after having a huge dilemma in my mind, I decided to put the bike into the car and drive there. The reason behind was merely due to a Team boost: The aim of conquer once again the team title.

Waking up early as always, having my typical breakfast consisting in two slides of cereal bread with butter and jam, a bowl of yogurt with fruits, walnuts and chia seeds and my coffee mug served directly from my bialetti machine. Yummy!
After breakfast, I prepare the rest and head to the car to drive to Herzo.
Here for the first time, I realized that my front wheel was with not pumped correctly. Strange, thus I did last night and ensured 8,5 bars on it. Anyway, I come back and pick the pumper and a spare inner tube, just in case. I pumped again to double check when arriving to the race venue.

After 20′ driving, I parked the car in the ADP parking of Adidas. I check first of all the tyre and…it looks ok, so it should not be a puncture. Check in the transition area and the preparation to jump into the bike after the swim. Runners in the bag and drop off in the event-car that will drop them in T2.

Everything is ready and is time to take a coffee, catch some colleagues up and wait for a while until the start. I’m talking with some friends that are competing for the first time and they looks great! A bit nervous, but confident in having a great day. Congrats to all of them btw =)
After a while, I’m doing a warming up and I see the transition area opened. I would like to check the tyre once again, I have a bad feeling. Oh no! It is again not pumped at all and now I have not time to change the inner tube (I’ve the pumper in the car and the spare tube). My mistake…so now I’ve to carry with it and take it like a learning curve.

It’s race time! I’m in my lane, receiving hits of the guy on my feet and the one in front of my is not flipping in the wall. Therefore, the two first guys are gone and now we lose good feet and a boost to swim faster.
Out of the water and running the long transition. I see Robert 10m in front of me, so I try to accelerate and stick to him for the biking. Not possible at all, he’s gone in the first climb.

I’m on the bike and my heartbeats are going stupidly high. I try to control them, but the first long climb is not helpful. Some guys overtake me and I’m not able to stick to them, can’t roll fast today.
Being honest, I’m not thinking in the tyre at all, but trying to focus in the race and doing my best to hold a decent pace that give me some options for the running. In the windy part, another two guys overtake me, but I’m now 12m of them and I’m not willing to lose this lift. Arriving with them to the 2nd lap but they’re 20m in front of me in the climb. I did alone the rest of the lap, until the last climb to T2 where I stick to 3 guys.

Fast brick (a definitely improvement this year) and let’s smash the running. I’m already aware that I’ve nothing to do now, the bike was too slow to catch some podium or top 10, so let’s give all I’ve and enjoy the path. Great sensations for the first time in the whole day, overtaking people easily but with no buffer at all to scratch a podium in my age group.
Finishing with the 3rd fastest time in the running segment and happy to be for the first 1h4’50” relaxed and hanging out with the people in the finish line.
hzo2015When the results are out, we are noticed that we won the team event. TEAMadidas in the top of the podium, with Carlos and Robert winning their age group and me adding a 14th overall to boost our total time to the summit.
IMG_0067To sum up, a battle with my head, not happy with the race but a pleasure as always to represent proudly the Adidas family.
Regarding the tyre, when I picked it up and check, was completely out of air…
TEAMadidasCongrats to everyone for the race, it was an amazing atmosphere and another race to keep in the wardrobe 😉

Dani Juan


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