TRAINING 2015: 27 to 2 August

Hi folks!

Last competition week (so far) and again not doing too much, just letting the races do the quality sessions and assimilating as best as possible.

Not plan at all, but again highlighting a quality impact session to ensure a proper activation for Sunday’s Olympic triathlon in Erlangen.
This race is super nice, plenty of enthusiastic and split in two types: The half ironman and the olympic one.
The half ironman is such a great instance to debut in the distance, thus is an easy bike course and the run is funny, combining trail and tarmac. Last year I was enjoying there so much, with a great time of 4h09′ and a 27th overall – 5th age group. It was a blast!
However, this year I decided to focus in the short distance, so on Sunday I will be there for the Olympic one. Being honest, my body would be prepare to smash a long distance, but my head not. As I said in a previous post, I’m not keening on compete for a while and I’d rather go for a switching off period.

And finally, I didn’t take part in the race. I decided tomorrow to do my training and finish the season earlier. Checking the times and with a normal performance, I will hit the 1st age group position today, but I don’t regret at all, thus I’m having such a great Sunday =)
Besides, my quads went up again today in the kilometer 11st, meaning I was as expected not in my best conditions to smash an olympic.
Next season I will plan the races differently trying to avoid this mind burn out once again.

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [20k]
Tuesday: Bike [22k] + Bike [22k]
Wednesday: Run [9,3k] + Swim [ 2.000m]
Thursday: Brick: (Bike [10k] + Run [2,5k] + Bike [5k] + Run [1,5k]) + Bike [22k]
Friday: Swim [1.500m]
Saturday: Total Rest
Sunday: Run [12k] + Bike [32k] + Swim [1.500m] – In that order
TOTAL: Sw [5k] + Bi [116k] + Ru [25k]

Dani Juan


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