RACES 2015: Erlangen Triathlon

Hi guys!

Finally, I didn’t race the Erlangen triathlon, as mentioned before.
There’s not a big excuse in the background, but several reasons for my decision:

  • I was not keening in racing for a while
  • My shape is great now, but my mind is not willing to take part of a triathlon nowadays
  • A bunch of other activities are shouting to me, like football, long rides and workouts with the new team
  • Foremost, the idea of preparing for the race was a wall rather to make me happy, as always

Therefore, I skipped it, enjoy a weekend and once again, following my instinct to those things that make me smile.

PS: Yesterday and with no plan beforehand, I ran 12k, ride 32k and swam 1,5k. Basically an Olympic triathlon.

No regrets, even checking that with a decent time I would reach a podium.

Dani Juan


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