TRAINING 2015: 3 to 9 August 2015

Hi guys!

My parents have been here during the week and therefore my main objective, apart of the job, has been to enjoy them. Therefore, the days started earlier and the nights later, the food increased and the beer was permanent present in our tables like a daily basis.
When I’ve a visit, my strategy to keep a decent shape and not to screw the training done previously at all, is try to commute with the bike, because I ensure at least 2 sessions by day. Moreover, If I’m able to run during the lunch, the week is saved =)

In terms of pure training, I was following the plan that I described above, biking to the office and running with the team a couple of days. Also, I was attending a spinning class, that is always a great choice when you are tired (and I pray I was).

On Saturday, nothing but a hiking and trail running in the beautiful WallBerg – Tegernsee. Such an experience to hike up and enjoy a kaiserschmarrn with a pure freshly butter milk from the mountain cows.
We have plans to come back soon and enjoy another day with a bit more of speed and distance =)

Only to add a negative point, my stomach. I’m not use to eat such a quantity in every meal and to drink as much beer as in the last days. Therefore, I feel not so good but like a balloon. I will try to detox a bit during this week.

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [22k] + Gym [45′] + Bike [22k]
Tuesday: Bike [22k] + Run [8k] + Bike [22k]
Wednesday: Bike [22k] + Run [8k] + Bike [22k]
Thursday: Swim [1.800m] + Bike [30k] – Spinning class
Friday: Swim [2.500m]
Saturday: Hiking + Trail Running [10k] – WallBerg
Sunday: Run [9k] + Swim [3.200m]
TOTAL: Sw [7,5k] + Bi [162k] + Ru [35k] + Gym [45′]

Dani Juan


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