WallBerg and the Tegernsee

Hi folks!

On Saturday I was doing hiking with the family. The venue was the beautiful WallBerg, a bunch of hills with the Tegernsee in the bottom.
We drive early to the area, facing such a traffic jam in the highway. It was one of the first days for the Bavarian’s holidays and most of the people was driving to the alps to enjoy a deserved switch off time. My holidays are round the corner as well =)
With nice music and better chat, we were burning kilometers in the car and approaching to our destiny. Paying 4€ to open the bar and drive until the base camp, where the first biergarten was hosting the early birds with a wiesbier.

The route itself was not so tough, around 4,5k of hiking uphill. However, the first 2k was more steep than our expectations, and challenge to some members of our crew. Anyway and with some upset breaths, we passed this part successfully. The second half of the uphill is more steady, with a perfect gravel path and amazing views.
We hit the summit in around 1h20′ with some stops for mandatory pictures, said hello to the cows and sit down in the alm bench with a mountaineer landscape below us. Breathtaking.
This alm is famous for the Butter-Milch (also with mango), made with the cows of there. For eating, nothing but a kaiserschmarr and some pretzels (order as “brezen” here, bitte). The käsespätzle is also a must.  But take in consideration that you have to go down later!
Afterwards the deutsch brotzeit experience, we went back walking again. Well, that was what the crew done =)

IMG_0048 IMG_0061

Regarding myself, I was running uphill some parts of the climb, but also combining with easy hiking and nice chat with my dad, mum, the m&m’s and nicki.
Before starting the downhill, Nicki proposed to go to the summit to see the Tegernsee and make some picture. Was a great decision, thus even if it was a steep climb, it was totally worthy to reach this point.
I shot 4-5 pictures and we headed down running and enjoying speed, focus and technique to maintain the balance. It was so much fun, hitting the base camp in around 18′. Today we still have muscle soreness! Love it =)
IMG_0043 IMG_0067

And once the job was done, we drove to the Tegernsee, park the car and jump into the lake. It was a pleasure to be fresh in such a clear water.
A shot of espresso in an italian (what else) place and suddenly a summer storms comes out. Perfect timing, thus 15′ before we were into the water.

A rainy way back to Munich and a bbq in the m&m’s garden  dinner room. As usual, an incredible yummy food to refuel deposits, a Tegernsee helles beer to turn off our thirsty and a after-dinner long chat. Such a day.

The day after, a mandatory 40′ easy running to unleash my legs and a 3.200m swimming session in Nuremberg to close a great weekend up.

Dani Juan


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