TRAINING 2015: 10 to 16 September

Hi guys!

How good is to be off season and practicing other sports!
On Tuesday I was playing football and…god! I was extremely exhausted after 40’…my heart pulse was dramatically high, my legs tired and my feet with blisters everywhere. But was so much fun! Next week I’m back, need to play more often and get some football shape again to enjoy even more.

In the triathlon field, I was swimming several days, taking it easy and smashing the pool early in the morning, something that is great when the weather is hot and the pool uncovered.
The cycling was not too much, just one day commuting and a session in the gym.
Running was also affected, with no many volume and still feeling the legs stiff after the trail running around WallBerg.

I also felt a strange intense soreness in my heart on Tuesday-Wednesday, so I mandatory stop and went to the doctor, thus a cardiac issue could be serious. Apparently it was a dehydration. But, on the weekend the pain increased and that was more than clear than it was not a lack of liquids. Rather, my spine was totally block, so I went to the doctor again and he manipulated the back. Not feeling great but with less hurt though…let’s see.

On the weekend, I headed to Prague to enjoy some days with Nicki, switch off and cheers for our anniversary =)

Here the summary:
Monday: Bike [22k]
Tuesday: Swim [1.800m] + Football [60′]
Wednesday: Swim [1.500m] – heart soreness
Thursday: Bike [20k] – Spinning
Friday: Bike [33k]
Saturday: Run [6k] – Prague
Sunday: Smooth swim and Rest day – Soreness and stiff
TOTAL: Sw [4k] + Bi [42k] + Ru [6k] + Football [60′]

Dani Juan


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