Mandatory Stop

Hi guys,

Last week I started feeling a strong soreness in my chest. In the beginning I was quite afraid thus was the side of the heart, but after checking at the doctor, it was just a dehydration – first diagnosis.
After drinking two days like a cow and spending more time in the toilet than in my desk, the pain was still there. A weekend on Prague with some up and downs, with a finally two nights not able to move at all in the bed. Rolling and rolling.
On Sunday I went to the hospital again, highlighting that a dehydration, with all my respects, was not possible at all. The doc agreed (or I think so, because he was talking in German, fast and rude). Second diagnosis – Spine block. So after a beautiful unblock in the rudest way that someone have ever touch me, I felt better. The guy was a typical bavarian man with hands like hammers. #respect
Unfortunately, the pain remained, and on Tuesday I went to an osteopath. He made the third diagnosis – Ribs problems, due to a a block in the spine. Swooshed again, and better.

Today I was not able to sleep properly once again, I feel soreness and I can train either. It’s been long and annoying. The weird sensation of not being able to inhale air properly and being afraid of lay down, thus what’s coming.

I hope to have a final solution on Friday – 4 appointment.

Anyway, used to have some muscle problems, above all in the lower body, this soreness is putting me away of any sport practice. I can slightly spin in the roller, but that’s pretty much all.
Then and talking with my colleagues, I realized that I miss so much a good training, a breathtaking session.

A Half IronMan training as soon as I feel good, I swear.

In the meantime, Patience.

Dani Juan


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