How to cheat an injury

Hi folks,
As I was telling in my previous post, I’m facing some soreness around the chest-ribs…or somewhere around there, thus the doctors don’t know certainly.

On Friday I was not able to hold anymore this situation of no-sleeping and I headed to the osteopath, willing to have some new diagnosis – 4th appointment. Once there, the doctor started manipulating my spine, but honestly the soreness was quite intense. Therefore, he recommended to make a x-ray and be sure that there was not a broken rib or so.
With this promise expectations, I drove to the clinic and wait for some hours until they eventually called me to start the show. Thanks for that though.
Afterwards the “x-ray shooting”, the ribs were apparently ok, but the sternum looked like a light fissure. So more ibuprofen and waiting until the crash is healing himself (if was this, that i’m still doubting).

ribs, sternum…mental problems??

After not swimming, running and barely some lightly spinning in the roller, my mind was about to burst. On Saturday I woke up a bit better, and I decided to go for a ride. It was brilliant to feel the sensation of moving, the heart working hard and struggling for a while. Payless. The soreness was there, but not as hard as I thought, so eventually I rode for 80k easy pace around Franconia. The most positive thing was a non afterwards pain, so happy with the decision.

IMG_0426IMG_0375 (1)

And what to do on a Sunday after my deutsch lessons, my two coffees and the press reading? Ride again, but this time shorter, in a route that I know pretty much and I also like a lot. Finally, I hit 50k in a windy day, and the soreness was less than yesterday and I hope bigger than tomorrow =)


So, if you are injured, First of all, calm. Accept that you are injured and to train could only make the big bigger.
Secondly, when back to the sport, take it easy. Don’t try to do all the missing sessions or perform like in your usual shape. You’ll probably hurt yourself again.
Thirdly, if you can’t not handle anymore, look for a sport that has as less impact as possible to your current injury. And remember point 2!

And above all, remember that we are not professional athletes (most of us) and sport is a hobby to make us happy, not to screw our body up (at least, rise the bar until the level that you are willing to!).

Dani Juan


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