Detox 2015

Hi folks!
Last days I was enjoying some relaxing time in Spain, without internet connection, avoiding any written plan or to-do tasks.
I like to do so every year for a bunch of days, with the purpose of switch my mind off and refueling my batteries.
IMG_0508To create this atmosphere, I use to go to the beach, at home, without any device and barely noise/people around. I don’t set up the alarm, I take almost every day a nap, read a couple of books and get rid of my clock.
I use to make some sport (or at least I move my ass), but quite soft. To give you a hint, during 10 days I was running 7 sessions and swimming 6, more with the purpose of being in peace with myself. I’m a sport lover, I can’t fully avoid to do something.
IMG_0766My family and friends are present most of the time, but I also need some lonely time to think in nothing. Unfortunately, Nicki couldn’t make this time =(
Therefore, for me this period is mandatory, like the stop that I was forced to do due to an injury.
It’s my reset, my detox. The road that steer me to smash the rest of the season.

So training yes, challenges for sure, striving to hit marks absolutely.
But rest and switch off as well, both travel together =)
IMG_0791Back to the office, to the grind and ready to smash the last leg of 2015.

Dani Juan


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