TRAINING 2015: 6 to 13 September

Hi folks!
Back to the pitch after 10 days at home. Delicious!
I love this time of the season, when I’ve not a challenge coming up or a plan to stick in.
Just training when I feel like, joining sessions in the last minute and playing/practicing other sports as Football =)

On Saturday we were riding to Breitenbrunn to visit Nicki’s grandparents. It was also a chance to walk through the Tilyfest, a mid century performance in the city. For sure we were adapting to the situation, merging with the different clans, as Sweedish, gypsies or monks between others. It was so much fun =)



On Sunday, an early breakfast with some homemade ham, apple cake and bread, (and three coffees on top) and getting into the bikes to come back to Nuremberg.

A great 180k on the legs to close the riding season.

Anyway, some figures to share with you all.
Monday: Bike [26k] – roller
Tuesday: Strength + Running [60′] + Football [90′]
Wednesday: Swim [2.000m]
Thursday: Run [7k] + Strength [60′]
Friday: Run [9,5k]
Saturday: Bike [100k]
Sunday: Bike [80k]
TOTAL: Sw [2k] + Bi [180k] + Ru [6k]

Dani Juan


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