TRAINING 2015: 14 to 20 September

Hi guys,
Do you like September?
I heard so many people, the tv, the press etc. addressing a low/bad mood due to the post-holidays syndrome…I do not understand!
We are in the month of Back to School or Back to Gym) or the moment when we open the Autumn clothes box again.
The mornings are colder, but still delicious for running without too much clothes.
The sunsets are kind of amazing, with colors that we don’t see too often during other seasons of the year.
Football season is on, with the first games of the year and the Champions flooding our TV’s during the week.
And Christmas is around the corner, so this counting down is specially sweet.

Training is going easy, with no plan and enjoying any single session, as in the past weeks. The off-season is great to relax and switch off, but also to do trainings that does not belong to your main sport during the competition phase.

I’m playing football now, some tennis or hiking. The muscle soreness reminds me that my body is not use any more to certain sports. That’s also great from a physiological point of view, thus this new impacts are steering me out of the comfort zone of training. I like it a lot!

Monday: Bike [20k] – roller
Tuesday: Running [10k] – Chamber test 0 degrees
Wednesday: Running [6k] – Chamber test 0 degrees
Thursday: Swim [1.800m]
Friday: Football x 2 [2h30′]
Saturday: Tennis [1h]
Sunday: Swim [3.000m]
TOTAL: Sw [4,8k] + Bi [20k] + Ru [16k] + Football [2h30′]

Dani Juan


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