Training Facts

Hi guys,
How are you doing? It’s been a while since my last update, but these weeks are running in a hectic pace. Love it though =)

During last weekend, I was doing a Strength session planned like a circuit and combined with some sprints. When after the 3rd sprint my heartbeats were ridiculous high and I started feeling dizzy, I realized about the opportunity to write a new post. So here we go.

We often read in sport articles or leisure magazines that training is a pleasure, relax your body and mind and give you the possibility to switch off, burning the day out and improving your health. I totally agree with that one.

Where I disagree the most is with this general thought that training should be an easy time when everything disappear and you just enjoy. Nope.
When I listen this “I’m going to the gym to relax, taking a magazine and going into the bike”. Don’t misunderstand me, I think this is good for some people/sessions, but as a general statement, I have my doubts.

Whether you want to keep your shape or improve it, you need to overcome different uncomfortable states during the sessions. The sensation of feeling breathless, dizzy or about to faint because you are pushing your body out of your comfort zone and therefore to an unknown and temporary zone, it’s mandatory to steer you skills to a level up.

So don’t be afraid to feel like you’re dying during a training, that’s mean it’s working. Reward is waiting for you, in the shower and with some fuel afterwards.

Last but not least, combine this hard training with your comfy sessions to let your body adapt and assimilate the (well) work done.

Dani Juan


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