Treadmill benefits

Hi guys,
I do remember my times working at the gym as personal trainer in Valencia and looking at the people on the treadmill. For me, on that times, it was a no go. I was wondering my self “Why this people just don’t go out and breathe fresh air? Should be quite boring to run like a hamster in a cage”. Some years later, from a triathlete/runner perspective, I can confirm how wrong I was.

For beginners, amateurs and athletes, the purpose and way to use it could differ. I would like to focus in this post in the Performance segment, but you can easily apply it to your level.

  1. Speed: Possibility of set up a steady speed and ensure a full session in your planned pace
  2. Sets: Easy to manage, thus with a simple jump out of the machine you will ensure the perfect length/time/speed all in one
  3. Intervals: As easy as to set the speed up and down accordingly with your schedule
  4. Hills: Looking for the perfect gradient and length? Just press the bottom of elevation up and control your speed and time.
  5. Transference: Some training are specifics and we need to climb a hill and transfer into a flat path without rest. With a quick press you will have the perfect terrain.

And now some benefits:

  1. Impact: Less impact than in the asphalt. Good for your knees
  2. Pulse: Control it in the display of the treadmill, just put your heart band on and synchronize both devices
  3. Hydration: How good is to drink some water and not to carry on during the run, right?
  4. Mental: It depending the quality of the brand, but normally you can already turn the tv on, bring your ipad and connect etc.
  5. Inertia: You can really improve your splits with speeds higher than your 100%, playing with short intervals until the limit

And now some cons:

  1. Ligaments/tendons: You don’t have the stress of the different path, so your running is quite steady/flat and therefore the risk of injuries afterwards, higher
  2. Not 100% real: The experts recommend at least 1.0 to 1.5 to emulate the reality. Not sure on that one though.
  3. Air: The atmosphere in the gym is just…not as pure as in the forest, to say it somehow.
  4. Visual: Don’t expect to be motivated by the landscapes, beautiful sunsets or dawns. Only if your gym has huge windows looking outside (like mine ;)).

And the extra!:
*Designed by RM

Try this session out:
10′ warming up + 5 sets of [2×30”/10”out @2%+ 2×30”/10”out @4%+ 45” flat] + 10′ calm down
The speed is up to you, but I recommend your pace in a real race of 5k-10k.

Hope you like it and any feedback, let me know!

Dani Juan


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