5 exercises to improve your Swimming

Hi guys,
I’m still deciding what I will do next season. I’ve on mind several races that I would love to participate, but for the moment I’m still struggling with which distance is appealing more at this moment of my life.

In any case, the meaning of not having a goal or a plan, does not mean that I’m not training. Not at all =). I keep with my 10 to 14 weekly sessions, but with a mixture between swimming, biking, running, football, gym or hiking.

For those that are currently a bit stuck in your swimming improvement, here some tips to include in your sessions:

  1. Medley: Introduce different styles in your warming up.
    Our body could be too used to Freestyle. Try Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Include a Medley set in your routine, starting easy and increasing when dominated
    This is a key to improve your sensations in the water
  2. Drills: Ensure a 20% to 30% of drills in your routine.
    Play with only one arm, dolphin kicks or catch ups.
    As the previous one, your body control with the water will be benefit.
  3. Breathe: Don’t use only the 2 or 3 breathing pace.
    It’s important that you make some sets going up to 5 and even 7 breathes (the number is basically the strokes count), to work in your lungs capacity.
  4. Sets: Avoid to swim meters in a comfy pace.
    This is a normal mistake (me included!). We think that whether we swim 3k by session and 3 times per week, we will be stronger in the water. Mistake.
    Introduce sets in the middle of your workout, going from short-fast sets to long-steady rounds.
    Try to rise your pulse and to work out of the comfort zone
  5. Materials: Play with a bunch of swimming tools, but with care.
    The key is not to go to the pool with a huge backpack plenty of toys, but to use some of them in the moment and the way that we should.
    Pull Buoy is great to balance and being aware of a proper streamline.
    Paddles are super useful to work your strength, resistance and to learn the sensation of pulling water.
    Fins are not only to dive, but to train your kick and rise your heartbeats in fast sets.

There are tons of recommendations, tools, routines, plans etc. but these are my favourite five to steer your swimming to the next level.

But please do not forget, that the secret ingredient is to be constant and train regularly, strive in the water and go out of your comfort zone.

Do you have any other suggestion to improve your swimming?

Dani Juan


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