5 Tips for Pre-Season Training

Hi guys,
The pre-season is starting to most of us and some people is asking me what I’m doing in this weeks of kicking-off.

In the past, I would reply to this question with the typical “taking it easy, building the base for the season”, but I would be lying with such a statement nowadays.
Nevertheless, this is a different post and I will dig deeper in this new way of training that I’m trying for the coming season.

In the meantime, some tips for your pre-season training:

  1. Fix a Goal in your calendar: Don’t train without purpose (like me!)
  2. Thumbs up for Cross-Training: If there is a period where you can mix other sports, the time is now
  3. Bet for Indoor-Training: Static bike, treadmill, rowing machine etc. are great options to improve your shape and avoid getting a cold
  4. Eat properly: Not now but the whole year. Don’t be afraid of increase your intake, it will arrive the time to cut it off to ensure a competition optimal weight
  5. Forget about easy long sessions: Push the throttle down, you’re not going to be injured

Have a great training!

Dani Juan


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