4 tricks to maintain your shape before Christmas

Hi guys,
Winter is coming (or like in my place, here already) and our agenda is getting pack:
Pre Christmas dinners, glühwein with the colleagues, shopping, baking and so on and so on.

Therefore, our personal time will be reduced, and to train could be a challenge.
No panic, with 20′ to 30′ by day, you’ll be able to maintain your fitness level, or even improve it!

  • Squeeze your lunch time and use it for a short but intense training
    • Hint: Eat a sandwich at your desk
  • Wake up 30′ earlier and go directly running or into the static bike
    • Hint: Prepare the breakfast to-go the night before
  • Go directly from the office to the training session
    • Hint: Sharp your workout to a fast intensity one, avoid long aerobic session
  • Use your home as a gym
    • Hint: Follow a workout routine based on time, rather than in sets and repetitions

Any other point to highlight? Leave an impression =)

Enjoy the beautiful pre-christmas period!

Dani Juan


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