How to get rid of a Cold

Hi guys,
Winter is here and for Southern guys as me, the first cold of the season as well.
Doesn’t matter how many layers I’m wearing, every year I’m getting a cold.

I remember when a friend from my childhood was coming to the football practice with fever. I was like “Hey mate, why are you coming here if you feel like bad?, rather stay at home and play megadrive!” (take in consideration that we’re talking about 1994, that was the mainstream video game console!)
The answer of my friend was always the same: “If I come here and I sweat, the cold is gone. It’s worthy to feel bad for a couple of hours and then get rid of the cold definitely”.

For me was normally a no go, but from some years I’m following the magic trick of my friend, but adapting a bit his theory. Take a glance of my recommendations:

  • Don’t do sport in the two main days of the cold. Wait until the third one
  • Train indoor, meaning avoiding the coldness of outside
  • Drink more often than usual, thus your throat may be dryer
  • Prepare to sweat. Get some tissues for the nose
  • Pick a easy/recovery pace for the session, and try to hold it steady
  • Once finished, put a hoodie on or go directly to the shower. Don’t give a chance to be cold again!
  • A orange juice, some tee and water are crucial for the rest of the day


Enjoy =)

Dani Juan


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