How to train with your couple: Running

Hi guys,
Some of my friends were asking me “Hey Dani, How could I train with my girlfriend if our fitness level is different?“.
Actually, it is a great question that made me think about multiple solutions.
Therefore, I decided to give some hints to do a proper training session with your couple, maintaining the level/intensity of each individual.

Let’s kick this serial off with some Running tricks.

It’s Saturday morning and you plan a training session in fasting state, to enjoy a well deserved big breakfast afterwards.
Your girl/boy want to join, but your level is not the same. No panic, I’ve a pretty good solution.

The Catch-your couple-up session:

  • Route Selection: Pick one that you both know beforehand
  • The Slower rules: How long does the slower one needs to cover the whole route?
  • The Faster rules: Calculate the quantity of seconds that you are faster than your couple by kilometer
  • Training Plan: If your couple is covering the route in around 40′ and your average pace is 4’00”/k, you can plan a strong block of 8 kilometers/workout
  • Warm up: Together, between 1 and 2 kilometers
  • Start your training: Run at your selected running pace for 2’00”. Then, turn back and run the other way around. When passing your couple along the route, count 1′. Turn back once again and start the 2’00”

An actionable example, that I did last Saturday in Munich:

  1. Training session length: 9k
  2. Specific training: 6k
  3. Session Structure:
    1. Warm up for 1k – with Nicki
    2. 6k pushing, following the logic I wrote above
    3. Calm down for 2k – with Nicki

Here some real data of the session:

And guys, don’t forget to say something beautiful everytime you cross your couple, that’s the extra 10% of today =)

Do you have any other tricks to train with your couple?

Dani Juan


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