Water upgrade

Hi guys,

We are made by water.
In adults, around 75% of the human body is water.
With such a figure, we need to hydrate our body, thus is directly linked with an efficient work of our system.
For instance, when dehydrated, we start with a chapped lips and our skin looks less shiny than usual. In addition, it’s also address to ailments, headaches or even a bad mood, between others.
I strongly encourage you to DRINK ENOUGH WATER during the day. Everyday, meaning, there is no rest for this habit.

Regarding the ideal quantity intake, it will depends of your daily basis. If you do exercise, you definitely need to increase it. I always recommend an extra amount of 750ml-1 liter during a workout (as general guideline), but that intake will vary with the weather conditions, the type of physical activity and your personal sweating.
If there is not exercise, 8 to 10 glasses it’s a great start.

But, sport apart, let me propose you a tasty way to maintain the magical properties of the water with a special touch, to upgrade your drink:

  1. Pick a fruit or some leaves waterfruits
  2. Cut it off in small sections
  3. Take a jug
  4. Put the fruit/leaves inside
  5. Refill with fresh water
  6. Shake it or move with a straw
  7. *Ready to serve

*Not enough tasty?
The water needs time to absorb the juice of the fruits, so what we do is to prepare the same formula the night before, ensuring at least 8 hours for the blend. You can also keep on the fridge during the night, or just add some ice cubes before drinking.

And about the ingredients, imagination. Try with lemons, oranges, strawberries or mint leaves.

Do you have another suggestion? Let us know!

Cheers and have a tasty drink,
Dani Juan


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