How to train with your couple: Swimming

Hi guys,
In this second episode of “How to train with your couple“, I would like to focus in a new sport: Swimming.

Swimming is one of my favorite sports.
Let me write down some of my top benefits:

  • The risk of injuries is quite low, due to the low impact in the joints
  • You can easily combine aerobic and anaerobic training in the same session
  • With the medley, you work different muscles and skills
  • Possibility to isolate upper and down body
  • Improvements transference to other sports, like running, bike and so on

As in the previous post, one of the beauties of this sport is that you can adapt your session with your couple, follow your own pace/routine and going out of the facility with a smile.

Hence, take a glance of the next training approach:

The One-Routine Take Down:

  1. Fix a total session time with your couple.
  2. Create a routine depending in your speed by 100m
  3. Made the takedown version of the training, adapted to your couple skills
  4. Write everything in a post-it and stick in the deck of the pool, your waterbottle or a pull buoy.

How to create a take down of a training?

I just type in my post-it ours, hope it’s clear enough =)
*The brackets show the slower set number.the half in this case

Dani Juan


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