How to get in shape before xmas III

Hi guys,
During December and with the Christmas celebration around the corner, it’s known that people will gain in average 2 to 5kg.
This is completely normal, thus our intake goes from a steady amount of daily kcal to a excessive bunch of meals.
But, take in consideration that it’s not only food related, thus we also drink more alcohol during this period, meaning a big amount of empty kcal going directly to our body, without any function (aside of a big hangover the day after).

Anyway, it’s time to celebrate, isn’t it? A hangout with your friends, the family or your couple around a market, a pub or wherever you decide.

My suggestion for today is easy: DETOX for the day after, at least for 1 meal.
Here the action plan:

  • Go out and have fun. This is priority number one
  • The day after: DETOX time
    • Prepare a jug with some citric fruit inside – Ensure to drink it all during the morning
    • Breakfast: Pick some fruits, as apple, banana etc. – Prepare a smoothie or a bowl
    • Keep on drinking during the day
  • Do an easy movement of 20 to 30′ – Yes, walking is also ok, just move your ass =)
  • Eating: If you are at home, ensure some protein with veggies, avoid Carbos at this time – A chicken breast or beef steak with beans and broccoli it’s as healthy as yummy
  • Time to go out again – Please, switch off and enjoy

Dani Juan


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