The (negative) power of drinking calories

Hi guys,
How is going the counting down for Christmas? Are you enjoying it?

As part of our AdventCalendar initiative, we have received the first photos and your showcase looks amazing! We are so happy to see the Calendars holding in your workspace, with your personal touch.
In addition, thanks for sharing the first thoughts with us.
All your comments are making us to learn and improving our learning curve for future editions. We can’t wait for 2016 =)11139433_10206749286707255_5047102733474011122_n

Day 14 Card is about Health: Sugar Free Drinks.
Drinking artificial sugar in sodas like Coke, it’s a potential risk to your body to develop diabetes disease.
Moreover, this kind of intake is a booster to gain weight.

In the picture of the right, you can check how many sugar you are drinking per can/bottle.
Now, think how much time do you need to burn a can of coke.
Is that worthy?

From the Advents Calendar team and my self, I Encourage you to drink healthy. Take a look to our previous post “Water Upgrade” and start feeling healthier, happier and better!

Dani Juan


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