How to get in shape before xmas IV

Hi guys,
Just 8 days to Christmas, last sprint ahead!
I don’t know for you, but I will officially in Holidays tomorrow onwards. A long Christmas break in Spain with family and friends, coming back to the roots and tasting all the delicious meals that my country offers. What about you?

On these days, I’m feeling tired. I’m pretty sure it’s the same to you somehow, due to the amount of dinners, appointments, beers and so on that you have. This is booking your agenda and making you changing some habits, sleeping less, drinking and eating more etc.
In the end, when you try to train as usual, your level could be the same, but (at least in my case), the sensation afterwards is that I’m exhausted.

So here the tip for today – Boost your training:

  • Try to train when you are more Active during the day
  • Don’t push beyond your limits if you are not feeling strong
  • Take a boost: extra dose of coffee
  • Recover properly: feed your body up after the session with healthy food (protein is a great option here)
  • If you feel Exhausted during training – quit! Your technic can be negative affected and the risk of injury is higher

And don’t worry, enjoy the appointments with friends and colleagues, eat some cravings and switch off.
If you keep a decent training/eating/drinking way during the days, you are more than fine.

Dani Juan


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