Always in for a good cause

Hi guys,
Today I was swimming with the Handicaps association of my town. They were collecting some food for Charity, a great initiative of this fellowship.10270798_10153801592828571_3599206810511750123_n

To do so, they organized a 4 hours Swimming Marathon and invite everyone to slide through the water, play a kind of waterpolo or just chill in the facility.
There was only one rule: 2 kg of food by participant.

It was great to join the Event, talk with these guys and see how uplifting they can be: Smiles, happiness and attitude of a bunch of people (and families) that fight everyday to have a better life. 1929864_10153801592868571_4179596884156182662_n

I didn´t see a face of sadness, a bad mood or a difference, just friends supporting hand-by-hand, swimming and having tons of fun. It was so inspirational.

I invite you to join such an events and hangout with the guys. In addition, if you are brave enough, take a swimming session with one of them: 10k, 8k or 6k in some of their counters. Kudos!!

Dani Juan


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