2015 in a glance

Hi guys,
First of all, some of you were telling me that why I was not publishing at all. I’m doing, as enthusiastic as usual, but not fostering the posts in facebook. So please, subscribe or just pass by every now and then =)

Here we go: 2015 was recently closed and I can only describe it in (capital letters on) one word: AMAZING!

The year started in Spain, with a walking across the beach shore.
Then we traveled to Stockholm, to run the city and enjoy some daysrunning stockholmbetween the handsome guys of Sweden. It was fantastic (and cold).

10927181_10153525192073571_2258580290899608340_oAlso, we did a getaway in Prague, discovering a beautiful city where at 10.00 am could be as cloudy as at night in Spain.
To follow with the traveling, we hit London some weeks ago, to visit the new house of Jose. That could be defined like a blast.IMG_1190
There something in common here: I try to run in every city I go, I can’t resist everything but temptation.
Moving through the year forward, the training volume got increased, preparing the first race of the year: München Triathlon in the Olympia park. A third position to kick hzo2015off the season in a good way. During the year, a handful of triathlons were coming up, like Ingolstadt, Rothsee, Forchheim or the Herzoman. Without any doubt, this was my best season in Triathlon ever.IMG_0067

I also did some videos in my youtube channel. Was so much fun doing it!

Regarding the total amount of training, I didn’t track as accurate as in the past, but I roughly was Swimming 500k+ , Cycling 6.000k+ and Running 1.500k+ , plus a handful of hours doing cross trainings like football, hiking, trail running, gym, tennis etc.
This year was maybe less volume than the previous, but with a higher intensity and better results. Also, I was enjoying other cross activities. Way to go.

Besides, a year plenty of bike commuting (I have never did as much kilometers as this year)  to the office and doing several tours with Nicki. She pushed me when I’m tired or not keening at all.
To highlight, our Nature Breezes Tour around the Bodensee. A lot of km’s and fun across one of the most beautiful areas that I had ever cycled. Something to do again this new year.


Job wise, I just can say that dreams come true. I moved to Global working for Adidas Football. As a previous football player and still passionate about the sport of my childhood and youth, to be part of this team is kind of amazing.

Learning everyday new things and being motivated to grab new challenges.

In the “others“, Nicki and myself ran our own micro business, with a lot of love and work to roll out the Healthy Advents Calendar. We are so grateful to have such a positive feedback about you guys.

Starting 2016 under the sun

To sum up, an unbeatable year sharing experiences, traveling, growing and being so happy.
I would say that I would be happy with a 2016 similar to 2015, but I can’t.
We have so many objectives and dreams to catch up and projects in the pipeline, so we are definitely ready to smash them. More will come soon =)

Thanks for reading, supporting and being part of the journey!

Dani Juan


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