How to workout everywhere: Beach

Hi guys,
Most of you are often traveling, in business trips or just out of your house for a weekend getaway.
With that “excuse” I use to hear that you can not follow your preparation plan, gain weight or even stop training.

As for me this is not a fact, I would love to show you how it’s possible to embrace any
Nicki blog post situation (or most of them) and don’t miss your training.

Moreover, the practices can be also boosted by a new environment, so let’s grab a landscape and burn some kcal.
All you need is you and attitude to do the first step.


How to train in the Beach?The 20′ Workout – 20′
Take a Chrono and set up 30” per exercise, without pause.
Do 2 sets the Warm Up and 3 sets of the Main Set.
Stretch during 10 to 20” per side and exercise in the Calm Down.

  • Warm Up: Squats Jumps+Mountain Climber+High Knees+Sit ups HugIMG_2224
  • Main Set:
    • Circuit 1: Sumo Push Ups+Drop Squats+Lunges+Plank to Push Up
    • Circuit 2: Squat Jumps+Lateral Plank (right)+Bird Dog+Lateral Plank (left)
  • Cool Down: 20” Stretching by side of: Calfs+Harmstrings+Quads+Abductor+Gluteus

With this workout, you will ensure a complete blend between Strength and Cardio.
Your heartbeats should be up, but try to control the technic of the exercises. IMG_2584

Feel free to try with a different landscape, is up to you =)
Also, you can do it with your couple, it’s ideally planned to do alone or with someone.

Did you smash it? Drop me a comment with your thoughts!


Dani Juan


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