The best Diet ever: Common sense

Hi guys,
Most of you ask me often about advice of what I eat or my tricks to maintain a healthy weight. My answer is normally the same: I don’t diet, I just use common sense and follow several guidelines that works for me.
But before you keep on reading: Stop counting calories. Don’t say no to a craving. Avoid being hungry for a looking. Just be rational, educate yourself and create an habit, we are here to enjoy every single bite of life.

From a non-nutritionist point of view, but highly interested about the nutrition, exercise and, in general, everything related with a healthy lifestyle, I have my own Common Sense Diet.
Note: These are my guidelines, habits and tricks that are working for me and I like, but that does not mean it will works for you.

Let me sort them out:

  • 6 meals per day – I do believe in the Mediterranean way
  • Timing – Every 2,5-3h
  • Foods:
    • Always Breakfast – Base for the day
    • Pre-Lunch Snack – Even if I’m not hungry, to avoid a massive intake
    • Lunch – A big salad, a main dish and a fruit
    • Evening Snack – To accelerate the metabolism and not to be hungry at dinner
    • Dinner – Veggies and Proteins
    • Pre-Sleeping – A glass of lactose free milk (craving) or a yoghurt
  • Fruits and Veggies – A bunch of them, but respecting the 3h gap. Avoiding at night
  • Do’ and Don’ts
    • Must – Proteins, poultry, healthy fats, some carbs before dinner, dairy and nuts
    • Avoid – Sugar, sweetener, sweets, processed food, fried food and empty calories
  • Hydration – Always drinking a minimum of 2,5 l of water
  • Cheating day – Important to take a “holidays day” by week and eat whatever I want

An example of my day, 11.01.2016:

  • Breakfast: 4 Slides of bread with oil and ham. Coffee
  • Pre-Lunch Snack: Banana and 1/2 Sandwich with turkey and cheese
  • Lunch: Big salad of everything and 2 cans of tuna
  • Evening Snack: Apple and 1/2 Sandwich with turkey and cheese
  • Dinner: Salad with chicken, some ham and cheese
  • Pre-Sleeping: A yoghurt with handmade granola
    Note: I always use Olive oil for cooking or as salad dress, avoiding this Ceaser or fatty commercial dressings.

Of course, my intake depends of how much sport I’m doing, and I adapt the amount of food to the total burning.
I also add more carbs in the dinner if I know I’m training in fasting the next morning.

This is the Diet that fits to me the best.
And you? What is your perfect diet?

Dani Juan


6 Replies to “The best Diet ever: Common sense”

  1. Queso y lo que te apetezca Roberto!
    Ya se que tu te cuidas, disfrutando de lo que te gusta 😉
    Un abrazo y a por este año que seguro nos das muchas alegrías!

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