2016 new Challenges

Hi guys,
Did you write your resolution list for 2016?
I actually didn’t this year. I don’t know exactly why, but I’m feeling that I’m finalizing and doing more things with the method of not having everything planned.
During 2015, I did a resolution list and I accomplished in around 80%. Not bad at all though.

With the start of the year, you can feel how people is plenty of objectives, they are coming back to the gym, dieting and fixing the Challenges for the year.
I have been receiving some emails of where I’m going to compete this season and, to be crystal clear, I have not clue. I didn’t plan. I don’t want to commit with any race or distance so far.
I’m training, as hard as last year, but just without a goal. I know that is contradictory with the posts that I spread, but is like it is. Apologies for that.

However, I’m tempted to try something new and to explore parts that I have never been soIMG_2410 far. I’m not talking about naughty stuff, but to activities like yoga, pilates or relaxation between others.
This boost popped up when I realized that I barely switch off and I struggle when trying to relax myself. Also, because I’m so appeal about to practice some activities either in a class or with an outdoor landscape in the sight.

Besides of that and regarding other topics, I have not a clear direction so far, but definitely I have so many projects in the pipeline and I will share with you soon.
I deny to make a Resolution List and I’m trying to avoid it, but for sure there are things as to learn more about Nutrition, try alternatives way of eating, a minimum number of books to read, improve different skills (as my Deutsch), traveling etc.
On top of that, to invest a bit more in my lifestyle and change somethings to being happier.

In the meantime, always open for a training, a hang out or a coffee with all of you.
Looking forward!

Dani Juan


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