Halibala Foodies – Natural Granola

Hi guys,
Week is about to finish and after some days in a row pushing in the office, the training sessions and the daily basis, you feel with your energy levels down. Me too.

At home, we try to cook healthy and follow a common sense diet, as I wrote recently here. There is not an aesthetic reason behind, a goal of losing weight or a trend that we read recently. It’s more about the sensation of feeling healthy and therefore better, with an impression of being able to hit anything written in our dream line.

With this principle, Halibala entered in our lives. An authentic lifestyle, based in what we love; build over core values as exercise or nutrition between. With highly doses of happiness and fun in everything we do.

Let me share with you a Natural Granola, with a bunch of benefits due to the selective ingredients that we are using in the recipe: Good fats and omega-3 coming from the walnuts and nuts. A boost for your heart health and an allied against cholesterol. And a lot of others great benefits.
Ah! I almost forget. It will give you a lot of energy to start the day or after a training, as a snack in the office or so on. Just combine with yoghurt, it’s delicious!

Here the video, enjoy and let me know how its tastes!

Dani Juan


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