Running through the blizzard

Hi guys,
Winter has arrived to Germany and there are several possibilities:

  • Keep your runners in the wardrobe until the sun goes up again – Not an option
  • Do all your practices in the treadmill – A great option for some days
  • Embrace the elements and enjoy the way – Priceless

Last Friday, I was inaugurating my 2016’s winter running sessions outside with Manuel IMG_2530Grundt. To be very honest, I was pushing him to go to the treadmill, but he savvily rejected and pushed me out to the Herzo forest. A bit cold in the beginning, but setting the pace and warming up after some minutes on the track. It was amazing to breath fresh air and staring at the landscape.

This weekend I’m in Munich, and the blizzard is a kind of “only in the movies” for a guy from Alicante like me.

Nevertheless, I have decided that this is a great IMG_2646way to get more into the Bavarian style. In addition, I did my first “Schneeraümen“, something mandatory to do here the days of snow.

So, with a cold temperatures ahead, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the elements. In case you are in the beautiful and sunny Spain, you can take a glance of my pictures and think: “If Dani, coming from Alicante and used to the warm temperatures can do it, I’ve not excuses“. Happy to see your pictures doing sports guys =)
And while writing this post, I’m seeing through the window that is snowing once again, so I guess I’m going for a run. Have a great trainings mates!
IMG_2689 1Cheers,
Dani Juan


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