Halibala Foodies – Low Carb Burger

Hi guys,
In the last hours of everyday in the office, we use to get hungry.
An assortment army of sweets is ready in the vending machines, and a handful of cake slides or deals in the cantina. So you can’t avoid temptation and you buy something to get rid of the hunger.

If you remember my post about The Best diet ever, you may find this pretty aligned: A yogurt, a bunch of walnuts or even better, a combination of our Natural Granola. You can see how to prepare the perfect snack through this video.

But today is not about the Granola and his benefits. I’m bringing a dinner for tonight. Something that you are still on time to buy in the supermarket and prepare at home: A Low Carb Burger. The ingredients are Burger, Tomatoes…or just hold on a second, click on play and enjoy the full recipe in 2′.

A delicious dish with the perfect amount of proteins, the properties of the veggies and the unexpected healthy taste of the fresh pineapple. We removed the bread from the typical one, but meanwhile your body will feels better, you will not realized at all.

Besides of that, what about a side of Pumpkins fries baked in the oven? Top with salt and pepper, you don’t need more 😉

Hope you like the video and try it out, let me know how its tastes!
Embrace the best version of you in this 2016, Halibala!

Dani Juan


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