Football from every corner

Hi guys,
I just arrived from a Football game with the Adidas guys.
Today it was special, thus the markets are here in headquarters and we grabbed this chance not only to discuss about the new strategy but also to have some fun together.

Therefore and after an intense day, a group of around 25 line up together to play a 5 asideIMG_2718 into the Turf. North America, Latina America and Japan were joining to Western Europe and our Global team.

Nothing but a great way to close up a compact day and sweat, showing up the best gear of Adidas Football. Nothing feels better than speed.

Besides, the rest of the pitches were fully booked out with teams kicking the ball. Something really great, taking in consideration that (for Germany at least) was late and with frozen temperatures outside.

I also have been taken the opportunity to ride to the facilities, under -6 degrees. It was a challenge, thus I guess I had ever ride in such a temperatures. The shower of afterwards was feeling as glory.

PS: I would like to say we smash them, but actually today was not our day. Funny though πŸ˜›

Dani Juan


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