Daily hacks to be fit, healthy and feel better

Hi guys,
Today was an hectic day. I woke up at 6.45am (later than usual, though) and I did not stop a moment.
The reason was my birthday celebration. Nothing fancy, but plenty of beautiful people flooding our apartment. It was great guys, thanks for joining! I will write some words soon and share some pictures with you too.

But today I’m writing to share with you a bunch of daily hacks that I use to keep my 11
, even when I’ve not time at all. Also applicable to your business trips or leisure ones.

#1 No Lift+
The first hack of the collection is the lift+.
I barely use the lift, either in the office or at home. Rather, I jump into the staircase and go up or down. Both phases are different but great for your legs. Working your strength when going up and destroying some fibres when downstairs.

The + is due to what I every now and then include in this “mandatory way” to my desk. It’s about to spend 1 more minute and to reach 2 more floors than your destiny. Once there, go downstairs until your floor destiny. Easy, right?
Imagine doing that exercise 4 to 10 times by day, depending ho often you go to meetings or to grab a coffee to the cantina.

A natural calories-burning without losing anytime of you day, without equipment and building an habit into your lifestyle.

Did you know you are burning 7 times more calories using the stairs rather than the elevator?

Give a try during a week, I recommend you the lift+ version, and let me know how do you feel.

Dani Juan


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