Daily hacks to be fit, healthy and feel better

Hi guys,
Moving forward on the Daily hacks to be fit, healthy and feel better collection, today I bring an essential daily hack for me: Eat frequently 
It could sounds weird for some of you, but it’s proven that if your goal is to lose weight or maintain a healthy balance, you should start introducing snacks between the main eating times.

When you don’t have a daily eating basis of 5 times intake, your metabolism could start being slower (so burning less free calories). In addition, the amount of food per lunch will be higher, mainly due of…you are simply hungry.

Daily Hack of today: #2 Eat Snacks
Rather to go with more words, let me write down an example of which is priority for me.
You can also take a look of the best diet ever, that I post some weeks ago.

Here we go.

  • Start the day with a breakfast, don’t skip it. snacks
  • Eat a snack 2h30′ before the lunch – ideally a toast with some turkey, fresh cheese..
  • Lunch – free choice
  • Eat a snack between the lunch and the dinner – ideally some fruit, yogurt or nuts
  • Dinner – avoid carbos, if possible

*Of course, the snacks should be something far away of candies, sugar or any bakery sweet stuff =)
I strongly recommend to use some handmade products, as the Granola. It’s incredible how much that pump me up! We always have a huge freshly made glass at home.
Let me know if you want to try.

Wanna bet? Try this formula during 3 weeks. Don’t be afraid of eating 5 times a day (I do 6!), include the first daily hack and your normal training.
Not sure which is good or bad? Drop me a comment, I will reply with my thoughts.

Let me know how is going 😉

Dani Juan


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