Are you bilingual?

Hi guys,
Today is not about sport but to an interesting topic that I just saw in Youtube.
Are you bilingual? 
For those that are overseas working in a different language than your mother language everyday, the topic may engage you.

One thing that I was trying to pretend in the beginning, with the English in particular, was to copy the accent. It’s so cool when you listen a UK guy talking with such a tone.
But (or “B-U-T”, like the people of Manchester shout), mirroring a voice is an indicator of being fluent in a language? Because, in that case, I’m not fluent in Spanish either.

Let me bring an example: When I was living in Valencia, my friends were laughing out loud of my accent. I’m from the south of Alicante and we don’t have such a tone like in other parts of the country.
Is that good or bad? I think is a scar from my roots, something to be quite proud of.

So now imagine: I’m Spanish, living in Germany, working in English and my girlfriend is German. That’s mean I spend most of the time speaking English in the office, replying to my friends/family in Spanish and talking (or pretending to) in German at home.

Last thing, just try, speak, make mistakes, laugh out loud of yourself, speak with more and more people, buy some books or follow a bunch of advices that you can find in the internet. Don’t be shy, let people correct you, fire things away without any sense.
You don’t need to speak perfect, to write without mistakes or to be consider as “bilingual”.

And yes, my accent is far away from a native. But hey, how cool is to have a South Spanish accent in three languages?

Dani Juan


2 Replies to “Are you bilingual?”

  1. Eres un crack Daniel! da igual en el idioma que hables porque te explicas con mucha claridad. Yo soy una de esas personas del sur de Alicante acomplejada por mi acento cuando hablo en inglés, pero lo cierto es que eso no significa que no hable inglés cuando lo necesito, porque a veces tengo que hacerlo. Pero si que es cierto que seguiré tu consejo y seguiré estudiando inglés de una manera más dinámica y divertida. Un saludo!

  2. María! Pero si tu tienes un acento precioso, que complejos??!!
    Si a Michael Robinson, que lleva aquí más tiempo ya que Inglaterra, le sigue saliendo ese acento (y cuando medio lo pierde, lo mandan a UK para que lo vuelva a coger), no nos saldrá a nosotros?

    Nada, complejos fuera y a seguir puliéndolo sin perder la gracia que tenemos los del sur. O cambias esa gracia por hablar cómo inglés seco?

    Un saludo!

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