The best resting day in your training plan

Hi guys,
Yesterday I was discussing with a colleague about my resting days routine.
He asked me about how many days per week I use to totally rest and, when thinking, I realized and replied that I don’t rest at all or, let’s say I don’t stick to a recovery fixed days, either weekly or monthly.  
Then, with an accurate criteria, he asked me the reasons, highlighting the importance of let the body refuel to perform better.

That made me think on the topic and my explanation about Training, Fatigue, Supercomensation etc. could be summarized in the video that I’m sharing below.
Take a look and let me know what do you think, if it’s logic or I’m getting naughty.

In case of agree with my approach, grab momentum and listen to your body.
It’s far away wiser than any coach, book and for sure than me.

Dani Juan


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