Running Challenge: #Kenyanday

Hi guys,
My girlfriend has challenged me with a “funny” approach for the next 5 weeks.
After discussing with her that I’m not keening at all in grabbing a challenge this year, I have not any triathlon competition in my scope and currently I’m far away of the competition mood, she told me something like this:

Can I challenge you? Because you mentioned that you’re not in the triathlon competition mood, but nevertheless you still train quite a lot or I would say even more.
Then, Nicki the challenger invited me to a #kenyanday.

The rules are simple:

  • Length: 5 weeks
  • Training days: 1 day per week (this is your #kenyanday)
  • Sessions: 3 running sessions in the #kenyanday
  • Distance: Steady distance in each session
  • Pace split as follows:
    • Session 1: Easy or tempo
    • Session 2: Interval
    • Session 3: Easy or tempo
  • Goal: 10k

With the purpose or collect not only the miles but also my sensations, I have created a video teaser. Then, I will update the #kenyanday weekly, with my key learnings and feelings.

My friend Mario has joined the challenge already. Do you want to drive your running to the next level?
I’m aware this is not a beginner challenge, but if you are keening on something tough but effective, join us in this new adventure!

Last but not least, I did already my week 1!
I have started with 3x6k and I’m finishing the video with my first learnings.
So keening on next week, hitting the half marathon distance =)

Dani Juan


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