Cycling in winter across Bayern

Hi guys,
Yesterday was my first ride outside, in Nicki’s company.
IMG_3105 The day was kind of amazing, sunny and with high one-digit temperatures, so we decided to take the bike and do the 50k loop.
Last year, if i’m not wrong, my first cycling session was somewhere around end of March, meaning this year we are in better way!

For triathlon, the people that live in a cold country, it’s always tricky to prepare the bike properly for the season. A bunch of hours over the static bike, spinning classes or just a handful of bold guys daring to face a cold outside.

Take a look into Cesar Villalba stats, training from NYC, no matters how the weather looks like. You may catch some tips for your next trainings and even get inspired 😉

Here my conclusions:

  • The clima is still cold, thus when you are 90′ in the bike, your feet start to be frozen.
  • The wind (slightly fresh), it’s kind of uncomfy, more when downhill.
  • And in the shadow, you realise that spring is still not here.
  • When you are directly in the sun, it’s priceless. Definitely the point when you slow down.
A snap from our biking route

Aside of that, it was great to hop into the bike and celebrate the first cycling session through our usual commute route from Nürnberg to Hzo.

The season could start earlier this week, but I just see a snow symbol in the iphone for this week, so maybe it was merely a break of winter. Happy to grab it though!



Are you riding outside already? If yes, which materials are you using to stay warm?

Dani Juan


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