My biggest fails in 2015

Hi guys,
Not everything is working flawless and I use to fail a lot.
This, though,is one of the most important ways that I see to take myself to next level, a picquick master course of “what to avoid next time” and to take out some key learnings of any mistake.

Here, I’m not going to write down all of them, but to see a humble and sincerely list of what I’m talking about, check out a recent article by Isra Garcia. Brutal.
In addition, I invite you to watch this TEDxPortland speech by Jon Wexler , with the title “Permission to fail“. Highly recommended!

Here we go:
*KL=Key learnings

  • Language learning. I typed in my resolutions 2015 that I would be able to speak Deutsch until a B2 level before the ending of the year. That didn’t happen and even worse, I’m is still far away of that mark.
    KL: I didn’t plan when and how to learn, so it was a matter of motivation, that barely appeared though, to open a book or try to speak.
    I also was too sensitive when my girlfriend was correcting me (sorry for that), closing my inner up and switching immediately to English. A huge no-go.
  • Triathlon burnout. To be inscribed in so many races and finish mentally exhausted. I was too focus during the preparation and forgetting other development points of my bucket list.
    KL: Plan less races and avoid to overwhelm with sport. I do because I love it, not because a slot. When is not making me happy anymore, there are thousand things making me smile. Do more of what makes you happy.
  • Creating of a new concept Food4Home” with a huge fail. Preparing flyers and distributing by post boxes around the neighborhood. 0 calls.
    KL: We didn’t prepare properly a plan to do so, we just spoke about the idea and started the publicity approach. It’s not possible (or rarely) to launch something without putting time in develop the idea and expect to success.
  • Learning Surf. This is something that I want to do since a while and last year I swear I would book a surf trip. I didn’t. Maybe because I was not traveling at all, but I didn’t search for an alternative closer, to reach in a weekend getaway.
    I add to the list because it was frustrating to realize that one more year it didn’t happens.
    KL: Book a trip with time enough or sporadically, but don’t let something that you want to fading away for such a long time.
  • Boost my youtube channel by more vlogs and content generation. I started late in the season and stop radically after the triathlon season. I may address that to the mentally burnout of the competition.
    Same logic and critic is applicable to the blog. The post frequency was lower than the previous year.
    KL: To jump into a new idea, project or system, requires an assimilation period of time. You need to persist and let the new setup time to check whether is working or not. If your only motivation are subscribers, views and followers, your directly on the way to feel demotivated, think that is not worthy to keep on going or even close your channel/blog.

And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some other mistakes of 2015. I will try to track better where I’m failing during this 2016.

But if something I have learned with all this mistakes, fails or whatever you want to call them, is that to fail is necessary and healthy, because makes you 10 times stronger than previously.

A toast for a 2016 plenty of mistakes.

Dani Juan


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