Daily hacks to be fit, healthy and feel better

Hi folks,
Here I go with a new tip for our collection “Daily hacks to be fit, healthy and feel better“.
Make sure you introduce in your daily basis, it’s not a big deal but the impact may surprise you (positively).

Today I’m bringing a new #dailyhack in my routine: Rise and Work.
It could sounds unclear, but let me explain what is this and how I include in my days.

If you are working in a back office and spend most of the time in your chair, plus the commuting (with the car or public transport, but sit down as well), you can boost some back pain problems. Moreover, your movement, aside of your keynote typing, will be quite low.

What I do to hack this? I normally stand up and work in a higher table for 30′ – 60′ in the morning and the same in the afternoon, releasing my legs from the chair and enlarging my muscles.

What can you do when you’ve not the possibility of a high table? For instance, sitting down over a Fitball or use a productivity technique as pomodoro to remember yourself to rise and walk for a few every hour. It’s known that this has a positive impact on your productivity!

Are you active during your work hours?

Dani Juan


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