#Kenyanday week 2 – Key learnings

Hi guys,
I’m all in for the #kenyanday, a challenge that my girlfriend decided to propose to me.
Take a look of the video with the rules and guidelines and join me!

This week was the 2nd one, meaning 3 times 7k.
I planned better than in the first week, following a plan from the beginning, as follows:

  1. Session 1: 6.00 am, fasting state, asphalt running, steady pace of 4’45”
  2. Session 2: 12.00 pm, before lunch, track&field training, sets of 400m fast – 400m medium. 3’54” pace
  3. Session 3: 17.00 pm, before dinner, forest running, steady pace of 4’41”

The key learnings of the week where basically 2:

  1. Surface
  2. Distance

But for a more detailed explanation, let me show you a quick video:

This week is 3x8k! Looking forward =)

Dani Juan


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