New look for my Youtube Channel

Hi guys,
I’m trying to create more (and better) visual content, thus I’m convinced is easy to understand something when seeing rather than just reading.
For example: From a stand up position, don’t bend your knees, go with your back down to a down facing dog position, put your leg on the front and open your chest.
This is confuse even for me, that I’ve the picture in my head.

Hence, I have a new look and more videos in my Youtube channel.
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So after having some comments of you guys, I decided to reinforce some of my training stuff in a video-mood, something easy to digest and with the play-repeat bottom ready to press.

The material is going to be done by me, therefore don’t expect an amazing quality both in images and sound, but either in the video mounting.
But, I hope to achieve what I’m looking for, being clearer, precise and create content that you can be helpful for you.

Hope you like guys!
Here a first clip to give you a glimpse of what am I talking about, enjoy!

Don’t hesitate to let me know which kind of videos would you be keening in seeing, and I will do my best =)



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