Victoria Peak running route, Hong Kong

Hi guys,
I was last week in Hong Kong and I ran up the famous Victoria Peak.
The experience was kind of amazing, above all for the combination of a storm, clouds, fog and eventually sun.

The purpose here is not only to describe the experience but also to give you some guidelines about the route. In my case, the total run was around 13k. Here the link to the map and stats – Victoria Peak running
Note: It was difficult to find in the internet clear guidelines to run the peak, so that’s why

So here we go. My choice step by step:

  1. Take the tube to Central (red line)
  2. Go out and follow the indications to the Peak Tram
  3. Once in the Peak Tram station, take a look to the left, you’ll see a staircase that is going parallel to the Cable way. Climbing time!IMG_1734
  4. Follow as much staircases as possible (you’ll be cut in some floors) until there is not possibility to go ahead.
  5. When there is no chance to keep on parallel to the cable rails, turn right to the buildings, surrounding the mountainIMG_1621
  6. After passing by several skyscrapers with luxurious cars in the parking, you’ll find the trail to the peak on the left. Run up. Kudos if you don’t have to walk every now and then, I actually did several timesIMG_1625
  7. Follow the trail and the indications to the Cable station. You will see the Old Peak Road as well. The views are amazing.
  8. Once on the top, keep the Cable station on the left and follow the Morning Trail. The best views, a waterfall and a picnic area are only around 2,5 to this point. Enjoy, this is the flat part!
  9. You can come back the same way and go to the other direction, passing the Cable Station, taking a glance from one sight stop, and going down from a path that would merge with the Old Peak Road.
  10. Run down until Central, there are some public toilets to change your clothes before face the killer air conditioned of the tube!
  11. Hope you enjoy as me =)

peakYou can see more details in my strava account through this link

Have a fabulous running guys!

Dani Juan


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