Running (forced) Stop – Opportunity window

Hi guys,
I spent last week in Hong Kong and did a decent training camp there.
It was focus on running and swimming, coming home with almost 80k of running and around 17k on the pool. Pretty consistent taking in consideration that I was in holidays and adding some quality time/sightseeing around the city with Nicki =)

I was dragging a soreness since a while though, making every running a challenge in the beginning but all good after 1k.
The last two running sessions in the HK humidity hub was the cherry on the cake to broken some fibers.
The outcome, a muscle tear around the adductor. Not the best result, but better than what it could be.

It’s a pity, thus I started feeling in shape again, adding kilometers to the mileage and enjoying longer runs. Running in this temperature was a challenge for the body, and the route uphill to the Peak, an experience.
But as I’m no negative and I (hope) wouldn’t become one, I’m trying to balance the situation with more hours on the bike and the pool.

For instance, last week I was able to overcome the 300 km on the bike, and that was far away the longest sum of 2016.
In addition, as I’m a okeish runner but a terrible cyclist, this might be a leverage to make me hoop on the saddle 🙂

Unfortunately, this week I’m in Moscow and the bike must stay parked at home until next week. But, as I say over and over, adapt or die.
I have prepared some time in the gym and the 15m pool of the hotel, so with this and looking after the nutrition a bit, I’m pretty sure I will keep myself into the loop.

Last but not least, I would like to highlight that (most of the times), getting injured is not a reason for a full stop but an opportunity to reinforce other disciplines/sports that you are not as familiar as your main activity.
Moreover, you’ll find a bunch of benefits practicing this x-training:

  • New boost to your body – Necessity to adapt to something unusual, therefore higher metabolic demand
  • Challenge to your muscles – Working out a bunch of fibers and muscles that you have not as trained as the ones demanded in your daily sport
  • Refreshing for you head – A new activity opens a window to explore and enjoy something unexpected
  • X-Training benefits – No discussion that any x-activity will benefit your main sport

Conclusion: Take any hurdle as a chance to improve

Dani Juan


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