Worst part of an injury: Your head

Hi guys,
I’m getting injured over and over in the last month.
Everything started with a small soreness in the adductor, moving forward into a tear.

Then, when it was almost heal, a quads problem popped up.
I’m not sure what is happening to my quads, but they suddenly go up (or contract) and I simply need to stop running, making even difficult an easy walking (normally, on my way home, charged of frustration).

Now, is the ass joining to the party. Today I was in the gym and trying to do a discipline that in most of the cases let me keep on training: cycling.
After 5’43” of spinning, I started feeling an intense pain in my gluteus, same as in the quads. The outcome was me in the mat trying to stretch and relax the muscles. Not successful though.

The last alternative that I see is try to rest for a couple of days, stretch more and increase some water/minerals and salty drinks, even though I guess this is not the issue…

And I just received my Rapha new kit…keening on trying!

Any suggestion or idea of why I’m having these issues in my quads and gluteus over and over?

Dani Juan


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