Trail running: Up to the Spitzingsee, Schliersee

Hi guys,
Making the best out of a sunny day in Germany, we decided of heading to the mountains to enjoy a morning in the mountains.
This time and after some getaways to Garmisch, Wallberg or the Königsee, we decided to try the Schliersee area, hiking the Spitzingsee.

The morning started not as early as it should, but we didn’t set up the alarm, letting us the chance to rest a bit more. Eventually, we left Munich at around 8.15 h, with a mandatory stop in the backer to buy a couple of huge pretzels and a coffee to go.

Hitting the Schliersee after 50′ driving, putting the running gear on, preparing the backpack and searching the satellites for the gps tracking. Ready, set, go!up with the pots
*Note: There is a free parking straight after the lake, if you want to avoid paying the fee of the private one

Heading up and crossing a bunch of people hiking this day, inspired for a sunny day and motivated for a well-deserved Weisbier in the alm.
In the middle of the way, a bunch of pots with stones, to put them up for the staircase construction. Title, as follows: “Bitte mitnehmen his zur potsBaustelle, Danke“. And as committed mountaineerings, we lifted them up!

Always in to give a hand to the nature =)


Around 1 hour after our departing, we hitted the first summit, took some pictures and ate a couple of yummy pretzels (or Breze, in Bavarian). A breathtaking landscapes under us, with several lakes in a sight. Wonderful.

After the short pause, running to the highest peak, stop for a couple of minutes to enjoy the panorama and running down. Time to enjoy.












Due to my problems in the legs, injuries and rest of shitty stuff that I’m facing currently, I didn’t risk too much, rather trying to have under control every stride and noting every sensation to analyze later.

Positive downhill, with slightly soreness but far away as painful as the last weeks.
To sum up, I felt free again. Smiling all the time and enjoying the route like a little kid.
Feeling every time closer to the nature, spending quality time in the mountains, breathing fresh air and “feeding up my eyes”.
runningsee you!A last sight to the lake, route checking and driving back to Munich. A bbq was waiting us, thus my 3rd year in Germany was a big thing to say out loud: Prost!

IMG_2396Next stop??
Dani Juan


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