Training Mistakes vol. XX

Hi guys,
I was analyzing my last period of training and realizing that my body is not working/performing like in the past.
In fact, my metabolism changed, but worse of all, the sensation of feeling with the stomach swell up, a tiredness trend in my daily basis and a lack of sleep.
In addition, my overdose of daily coffee were not helpful to feel better.

After thinking for a while, think again and overthink, I have found some mistakes that I’m doing:

Too Much Cardio – Too Less Strength

  • Issue: Indeed, endurance is since some years my favorite discipline. Doesn’t matter the sport (often run, bike, swim) but is being more meaningful for me when I feel “empty” rather than feeling “strong and looking fit”.
    Reason: A big amount of cardio hours in your training log, may reduce your basal (resting) metabolism rate, meaning you’ll need to push even more time in your cardio activities to balance the situation. Over and over.
    Symptom: Your body desperate holds on fat, more than usual and boosted by a natural lose of muscle weight.
    Vaccine: Add 2x Strength sessions a week + Cross Activity (Exos) + More sets in my training sessions

Not a proper refueling – deposits under stock

  • Issue: In the last years, I try different kind of nutrition ways and I’m avoiding as much as possible any kind of supplements.
    Being as much natural as possible is great, but only when you combine a proper amount of kcal intake and the quality of that.
    Reason: Not refueling deposits straight forward any given training, but fasting until the next food (normally, a wave of 2h). Also, feeding my body with more artificial sugars than ever, not for desire but due to not thinking in what I’m actually eating.
    Symptom: A general sensation of tiredness and lack of energy, poor sleeping quality
    Vaccine: Increase the consumption of clean protein, refuel after every training and reduce dramatically the empty-kcal intake.
    Also, I have reduced my coffee dose, from 6-7 to 2-3/day.

As can see, I’m not attaching this to an overtraining or lack of resting, thus I do believe is not the reason, but the above mentioned.

In addition, I’m already trying a 360º concept called Halibala, that Nicki and myself have designed and adapted to our daily basis, based in a different touch points of our life, that have eventually the aim of making us feel better, stronger, happier, healthier and ultimately to unleash the best version of us.
Let me know if you want to dig deeper in this =)

Dani Juan


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