Trail Running weekend: Garmisch

Hi guys,
I was talking over and over about how much appealing was for me Trail Running, but actually I didn’t try a “proper” long route though.13266067_10154206307708571_7719731248408631883_n (1)
Fortunately, last weekend I eventually jump into that desire and headed to Garmisch, with the plan of making a proper training and “test” some of the sensations surrounding this sport.

In addition, Marcel aka Macy Pacy was there for a training weekend, so I joined and let him destroy me.13319830_10154203682268571_8002234176418525857_n

On Saturday at 6.30 am we drove from Munich to Garmisch, after buying a pretzel and a sandwich, with a coffee on top. The day was promising wet and long, so we need the deposits fully charged.13312720_10154203682353571_3294348432542464821_n
Hitting the hotel at 8.00, meeting Marcel and starting the route.
The plan was to do something around 4 to 5 hours, but eventually it was 6h 15′.
The conditions and the company were perfect, sunny and dry, making the experience even better.

The “test” was quite positive, but too long for 1 single day after being almost 6 weeks out of running: 6h15′, 2.300m positive altitude and 40k. What a day!
Some takeaways of the adventure:

  • Having the proper material: My shoes were quite slippery for several areas, and the backpack was a no-go, due to the swinging13315702_10154203682143571_5400558584556174488_n
  • Food and drink: Here it was perfect, with enough gel, bars and water
  • Run Smarter: I was tempted to run too much in areas that it was a better option to hike, and I payed the due in the last 90′
  • Plan beforehand the route properly: We lose the track and we were in the middle of a glacier. I felt quite insecure in the downhill
  • Don’t underestimate yourself: If you have an worked aerobic system, you can arrive further that you think
  • Play, but respect the environment: In the mountains, the weather changes dramatically while gaining altitude. A better understanding of what to do in case of fast temperature changes, is a must. 13321952_10154203682263571_6912298483194625792_n13310636_10154203935433571_9040820966679650060_n

Afterwards, Nicki and I were to a cold fountain to give to our muscles a fresh bath, in order to relax all the demanding movement during the day. It was actually quite cold!
A nice Bavarian dinner straight after and watching the UCL final. No more words needed…



On Sunday, we woke up early, have a slow and yummy breakfast, chatting and looking through the window the breathtaking area.
13319881_10154206307768571_9031520733163969438_nDriving later to the parking spot for our second day trail running, this time something easier, shorter and with less altitude. My body and legs were quite happy.

Spending 2h40′ in the mountains, for around 18k and 1.300 altitud gained, and giving us some time to take a shower, visit the Garmisch ski jumping (indeed, the one of New Year!) that was impressive and going to the city center of the town to grab a coffee and an ice cream.


After that, driving back to Nuremberg, both tired but happy and plenty of good vibes.

Looking forward for our next adventure.

Thanks once again to Marcel to steer the way!

Dani Juan


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