Post workout shake

Hi guys,
Just coming back of a fasting running under the storm, hitting 22k and feeling detoxed IMG_3065after the session.
As important as training, is to refuel the deposits properly. To be frank, I was not doing it as I should in the last months, but then I decided to change the way to a more effective (and healthy) system.

Today I would like to show you my Post-Workout Shake.
A complete recipe to ensure a flawless recovery, in order to let your muscles and your body supercompensate the training, and be ready for the next one:

  • 100 ml water
  • 1x Greek yogurt
  • 20gr of Protein powder (my choice is the high % protein and low carbs)
  • 1x Banana
  • 3x Oats spoons
  • 1x Chia Seeds spoon
  • 6x Almonds
  • 1x Espresso shot

Blend all together and serve in your favourite glass.
Moreover, take in consideration that after a long-tough training, your body may react worse than usual to the solid food. In case you have taken gels or bars, the stomach uses to be a bomb.

My recommendation is to drink a highly nutritional food, as the shake I’m proposing here, and after 2h30′ – 3h, eat a solid proper food.
Your muscles and metabolism will act as sponges, getting the best out of the blend.

Enjoy the feeling of being refuelled!

Any suggestion or add to make it even better?

Dani Juan


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